About me: At the age of 39 my worst nightmare came true and I lost the youngest of my three children, my whole world changed forever.

Only through the tragic loss of Daniel have I been able to hear about the success of organ donation. Having read letters from the people who received Daniel’s organs their lives before transplant revolved round hospital visits and medication. I can’t imagine how it was for them and their families.

This website is to share real life stories on organ donation and transplant and information. Also if you have questions please ask, I will do my best to get answers from the professionals and come back to you as quickly as possible.

In 2015 we raised enough money to create a memorial garden at Nobles Hospital in the Isle of Man, a place where the loved ones of those who have given life to others through donation can have a stone with their loved ones name and age engraved and placed into the garden. This memorial garden is where the families and loved ones can remember the incredible gift that has been given to others.

In 2013 I joined the Organ Donation committee at Nobles Hospital in the Isle of Man. We as the committee are raising awareness of this very sensitive subject on the Island. We would like everyone to talk to their loved ones and discuss this very sensitive subject.

Although this website and all I do may seem to be around the memory of Daniel my reason for promoting organ donation is this. I watched as the medical team tried to save my sons life and I know that everything that could be done to save him was done. I am left with the comfort of knowing that Daniel was treated with love, care and respect from the scene of the accident to the retrieval of his organs. How would I feel if I was told Daniel needed a transplant to save his life and without an organ becoming available he would die. I have 2 other children, 5 grandchildren and of course others that I love so what if I was faced with one of them getting ill and requiring a transplant in the future.

The reality is 3 people in the UK die every day whilst on the transplant list. You are more likely to require a transplant than donate your organs.