Lesley’s Story

I had been thinking of donating a kidney for about two years, then saw a tv programme about it and decided to do something to make it hopefully happen.

I contacted my local Renal Unit at the hospital, I went for a chat with the Staff and went back to have some blood tests to see if there was anything abnormal or problems showed up.  Once they were checked and ok I went over to the Royal Hospital in Liverpool and had a full day of tests, lot’s more bloods, an Ultrasound, a Scan, fluids were injected into my kidneys to assess how my Kidneys function as it has to be high enough for me to manage with one for the rest of my life.

All was good and my kidneys were above average for my age.  An appointment was arranged to see the Surgeon and all this was arranged by my Transplant Coordinator who sorted all my appointments out for me.  He talked through everything about the operation with me and that it would be keyhole surgery unless open surgery was required, where the incisions and scar would be and a camera would first look to see if all was well inside as all bodies are different, also recovery would be up to three months.  I also went to see a psychiatrist to talk through my mental state and my reasons for wanting to do this.  All these tests took a year.

Then it was a waiting game as my blood group and match was put in to the data base for donation.  It took three matches before we could set a date for the operation which took place on 14th July 2014 and I was in hospital for a week.

My recovery did take 3 months and was hard, feeling so weak and very tired but time was all it needed and I have no regrets in giving my Kidney to someone who truely needs it as being on dialysis is not having a life, we don’t need 2 kidneys and many people are born with just one.

Three people each day die from kidney failure, if you can help please look into doing this for someone.