10 August 2019

Loved ones appear when Robins are near I hear it often and think it when I see one.

Andy & I spent some time in the garden today weeding and tidying up.  At the request of a donor family we have planted some lavender plants in butterfly pots and they smell lovely.

I counted our donor stones and 27 wonderful donors are remembered and recognised for the gift of life they gave to others ❤️

8 August 2019

I travelled to Manchester to take part in the Ambassador Training workshop. I’m looking forward to not just the training but meeting others like myself who through loss or transplant want to encourage people to think about their wishes regarding organ donation.

Once completed, all Organ Donation Ambassadors received their certificate.  All Ambassadors have our own different personal stories but all with the same passion regarding organ donation and transplant

3 August 2019

I share lots of stories both organ donation and transplant. I share Daniels story and how his Dad and I had to make the decision because we had never talked about his wishes. I share happy transplant stories and how people’s lives are transformed by the gift of life.

And then there is the side I haven’t talked about, loved ones who die because their call doesn’t come in time. Up to today I had never talked to someone who had lost a loved one because they didn’t get a transplant in time. That call came but it was too late because they were too ill to receive a new organ. Thank you John for sharing your very personal story with me.

It is a reality 3 people in the UK die everyday because there are not enough organs or the call comes too late and they are too ill to survive the operation.

Organ Donation Isle of Man is not just about donation. We are a team of medical professionals and myself a donor Mum and Nikki a heart transplant recipient. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of donation or transplant or if you are waiting for a transplant please do get in touch.

22 July 2019

As part of our promotion and education of Organ Donation here on the Isle of Man the committee spent 2 evenings at the Parish Walk sign up nights handing out information. We were all made up to receive this recognition today.  Great team work!

29 June 2019

Many many thanks to everyone who supported and donated during our bag pack in Onchan Shoprite – £248.00 is amazing!

The money was split between The Walton Centre Charity and Organ Donation Isle Of Man. Emma pictured with me below is raising money for both charities. Emma’s Mum very sadly passed away from a brain aneurysm, a condition that Emma is now living and receiving treatment for. Her Mum is recognized & remembered in the memorial garden after her gift of life to others. Emma is being looked after and treated by the Walton Centre.

Emma and her team of fund raisers are amazing and already planning for more fund raising including the Coast to Coast and next years Parish Walk. I will be joining her team for the Parish

9 June 2019

Many many thanks to everyone who made a donation to the Organ Donation Memorial Fund at the collection at Joeys up on the mountain.

Special thanks to David Crutcher who was marshaling all week up there and took one of our collection boxes. He also had stickers made to give out and rider Paul Williams put one on his bike.

David’s son James was taken very suddenly 3 years ago from a brain aneurysm, his brave family agreed to donate his organs. Four people had their lives saved from James’ gift. Last week David and his family received a letter letting them know all 4 recipients are doing well. James is remembered and recognised for his wonderful gift in the Organ Donation Memorial Garden at Nobles.

£88.41 was collected and this will go towards memorial stones, the upkeep of the garden and promotional/education material.

Thank you ❤️

Massive thanks to TT competitor Paul Williams who has very generously matched the amount raised by David at Joeys on the mountain section of the TT course! Thank you so much Paul ❤️

4 April 2019

I feel very proud to be able to carry on the journey that Daniel will never know he started. My wish is to help get the conversation started about organ donation with as many people as possible and ask them to make their wishes known with their nearest and dearest. I do this by telling Daniels story and mine. Organ Donation is only possible in such a small amount of cases and only after everything can be done for the patient. I know this because I watched them battle to save my son.

Thank you to Dr Walker and the Organ Donation Committe from Nobles Hospital for nominating me, I work with some wonderful people and we are a team.

14 March 2019

On 14 March 2019 there was a private meeting in Tynwald to present the proposed Opt-Out of Organ Donation Legislation to members of Tynwald.  This was organised by MHK for Garth Martyn Perkins. The main speaker was Claire Williment who is the Head of the Consent Legislation Implementation for the Opt Out or Deemed Consent for Organ Donation in the UK. This was an opportunity for the members of Tynwald to ask questions from Claire, the Organ Donation Committee, myself and also Abi Roberts who is a Specialist Nurse for Organ Donation in the UK.  We played “A Mothers Story” video and I spoke about Daniels care and treatment over the 29 hours from the scene of the accident to after the retrieval of his organs.

That evening, we also attended a public meeting in Laxey where the same presentation was given.  This also provided an opportunity for those members of the publis who were present to ask any questions they might have regarding the new legislation.

Below are some of links to interviews which were taken the same day:

Claire Williment

Diane Taylor

Martyn Perkins 

A Mothers Story

If anyone has any questions in relation to this proposal please do let us know.

We are going to provide a questions and answers page that should also help peoples understanding.  Two questions that were raised on the night were:

Q: Would my body have to be taken off the Isle of Man to have my organs retrieved?

A: NO, you would continue to be looked after in the ITU here by doctors, nurses with your family by your side for as long as they wanted to be.

Q: Would my body be disfigured?

A: NO, the retrieval team would remove the organs and close the wounds in the same way as a living patient.  Many cultures and families have an open coffin funeral and also family members that wish to see your loved one in the Chapel of rest and there is no reason after organ donation this can’t happen.

14 September 2018

After a lot of hard work, we have officially be registered as a charity in the Isle of Man.  Our registration number is 1262.

1 September 2017

BBC News – Isle of Man campaign to boost low organ donor rates.

The BBC have published a feature on their website regarding the recent campaign to boost the organ donor rates in the Isle of Man, please follow the below link to read the feature in full:

8 May 2017

I would like to let you know that an Organ Donation leaflet is being designed and just a few tweaks to make before we are ready to print.  Not everyone has Facebook so having leaflets to handout at events and doctors surgeries all to do with organ donation and transplant on the Island will hopefully get more people talking.

It will also be going in the End of Life packs supplied by Cruse.  We have linked up with End of Life Matters – please see their new website

I am also meeting up with Viv & Nikki this week to run through a talk they will both be giving for Dying Matters at the Free Thinkers at the end of May at Douglas Yacht Club.  Viv is a donor Mum and Nikki is a heart transplant recipient.  It’s great we are being asked to give more talks and I would like to thank the ladies for offering to help me out by doing it.

Unfortunately the new path in the memorial garden won’t be going in now till after TT week.  I’m going to go up and tidy it up a bit but please bare with me in the meantime.

A new memorial stone to recognize the gift of Life given to others by a special Mum will be placed in the garden later this week.

Thanks to Gregg Memorials for providing the latest stones which are slightly different than the others.

Thank you


20 April 2017 – IOM Driving Licence and signing onto the National Organ Donation Register

So many people are not aware that signing on your Isle of Man driving license does not add you to the National Organ Donation Register.
Yesterday I had the conversation with Martyn Perkins MHK and he along with the organ donation committee are looking into this.
Here is the link to register on line – remember to talk to your nearest and dearest to.

3 April 2017 – Organ Donation talk with the Onchan Rotary Club

Tonight we met with the Onchan Rotary Club and we showed “A Mothers Story”.  Jo (who is the transplant link nurse at Nobles Hospital) did a presentation giving some interesting facts and figures surrounding organ donation and transplant.  The whole evening was very well received and lots of questions were asked which was great.  If any other local groups would like us to do a presentation to them please contact me.

5 March 2017 – Giving Blood in Ramsey, Isle of Man.

Practicing what I preach – finally being able to donate blood. Health problems have meant up to now I couldn’t.

Also with me were my husband, Andy Taylor and daughter-in-law Kerry Griffiths. The 2 lovely nurses are Brenda & Dee.

13 February 2017

Today we held our first Organ Donation Committee meeting for 2017 at Nobles Hospital.

My main role on the committee is promotion of organ donation on the Island.  I also look after the memorial garden and arrange new memorial stones when required.  Here of some of the ideas that I put to the committee today:

* I would like to set up a small group of people from across the Island that would be willing to do talks in their area. I have a lot of people who have said that they would like to help if they can. These are people who have lost a loved one and donated their organs and those who have received a transplant or whose loved one has. I am asking anyone who would be willing to meet up as a group every 4 months and give talks to groups in your area to get in touch with me please.

* The memorial garden needs to be landscaped to make it easier to walk around. We are looking for a firm who will come in and lay paths and paving slabs for us to create a low maintenance garden area.  The area is in an enclosed area within the hospital but please dont let this put you off. There are plenty of willing volunteers that can help you get everything in there. We have a local gardener who will be helping us choose new plants and bushes.

*A new email address purely for organ donation is to be set up.

*A new A4 size information sheet is to be produced giving you local organ donation stories, transplant stories, latest statistics for the Island and information on how to join the organ donation register. Im looking for quotes to produce 1000/2000 in the first instance. These are to be used in doctors surgeries, hospitals and also in the end of life packs which are produced by Cruise. Please contact me on the email address below.

*Last year the UK held the “Transplant Games” and I think it would be great to see the Isle of Man represented in these games.

* As we have over 20 memorial stones now in slate we are going to do the next few in white granite.

If anyone would like to help with any of the above please get in touch by emailing

**Special thanks to K P Stevens for your very kind donation to the Organ Donation Memorial Society**