Fund Raising Events

21st August 2020

Two beautiful benches made by Island Iron Craft!

The first one was bought by funds raised by Nikkie (a member of the organ donation committee) who had a life saving heart transplant and her colleagues from Barclays Bank. The bench takes pride of place in the organ donation memorial garden and is just stunning. The other was donated by Dave the owner of Island Iron Craft to say thank you to all our wonderful NHS staff. It’s located outside the main front door at Nobles hospital. Here is Dave handing it over to Pam Makin who is also from the committee.

1st September 2020

Yesterday a new memorial stone was placed in the Organ Donation Memorial garden by Dana Devlin Shaw in memory and recognition of the gift of life her brother Shane gave to 5 others when he died suddenly 1 year ago today.

Shane had made his wishes known to his family regarding organ donation and they were able to honour this when he died. Dana wanted to do something to raise money in his memory and came up with a very unique way over 2 years and ahead of her 50th birthday. How does it work well basically its equal to 50p every fortnight for the next 2 years. For more information or to donate please go to Yesterday Dana presented the charity a cheque for £1,700, this was raised by Dana, her friends, family and also The Paw Patrol Doggy Day Care. On behalf of the charity Dana thank you so much. My thoughts are with all of Shanes family today.

All monies raised by the charity stay on the Isle of Man and are used for providing memorial stones to donor families, the upkeep of the garden and promotional items and events. Registered charity number 1262.