Heather-May’s story

Firstly I would like to start by sharing my story of the lost of Heather-May

I was at home with mine and my husband’s children, my husband was at work on a lovely sunny day, I was pulling the washing out of the machine to go and hang it out, bit when I walked into the living room with the washing I seen there were no children in the living room and looked outside to see the most horrible thing in my life I dropped the washing and ran outside to see my baby girl lifeless. I picked her up and started to shout for help but no one came so I ran to my neighbours house where the people took her of me and started to work on her and rang for help.  May I add they are two very special people to me.

As I was saying the police turned up and then the ambulance which had trouble getting down to us ad silly people hadn’t parked their cars properly so it couldn’t get past…. But it did in the end. The paramedics took over from these two very special people and took her to the ambulance and continued whilst rushing to the hospital.  Through the time of waiting for the police and the paramedics we had got a hold of my husband and he came home so we followed behind with the police to Nobles Hospital where the staff were brilliant, they managed to save our little girl.  She was brought up to ICU and that was when we were told she needed to go to Alder Hey, we were heart-broken at this point.

I got told only one of us could go over that night so we decided it would be me as we needed to sort child care for our two boys we had family with us, but I will never know how to thank my little sister and her partner for making the decision for my little sister Aisha to come with me. I was so scared and didn’t know what to think, I felt so lost and alone at this time, but I had Aisha there to support me. We got to Alder Hey and waited hours before Nobles Hospital rang me and told me Heather-May was on her way over and there is a chance she wouldn’t make it, my heart broke.  I felt like no one knew what I was going through, my world had just been ripped apart.

She arrived and had made it I couldn’t wait to go and see her, I didn’t know what to expect.  Then I got see her, she was lying there so helpless and lifeless, it was hurting so much.  I wanted to swap places with her but I knew I couldn’t.  I talked to her like she was listening with my baby sister holding me while I cried. 

The next day my husband arrived, I took him to our little girl where we spent our time, when my dad and a very close family friend who is like a mum turned up to support us with anything we needed. 

They did test after test, everything they could on the final day, then they had the horrible news of telling us she was DEAD the last words we wanted to hear.  At that time they asked us if we wanted to donate her organs?

We talked to each other and to the family, as they pointed out if it was one of ours that needed an organ we would snatch their hands off them.  We spoke to a member of staff from the blood and transplant team, we decided to go ahead and donate her organs.

She helped 3 babies and a older woman who we keep in regular contact with which is of great comfort.

Thank you for having the time to read my story  xx