Jakes’s story

Jake Watson

Jake Watson was just 14 years old and lived in Douglas with his family when he took ill very suddenly from a severe asthma attack and very sadly passed away. Jake was treated and cared for in the Intensive Care Unit at Nobles Hospital on the Isle of Man before his passing. His parents were given the heart breaking news that nothing more could be done for their gorgeous Jake. They then made the very brave decision to donate his organs to help others. A specialist retrieval team from the UK was flown over to the Island.

Words from Jakes Mum Lea:

“The team that fly in are amazing!
We received our very own nursing team of two wonderful ladies that stayed with us and answered all our questions also looked after us all with compassion and care. The team behind the scenes were amazing and it’s not scary like we were worried about! The aftercare we as a family were given was lovely and little things like taking memories were all in order so we didn’t forget ?”

Jake transformed the lives of 2 adults, a child and an infant ❤️

After Jakes death Lea found that bereavement facilities on the Island were very poor. There was no support for families like them for the time following your child’s passing and the funeral. What happens now, who can help us organize the funeral and all the other questions you find yourself suddenly having to ask. So Lea set up the ApplauseforJakeWatson charity and raised the funding so now at Nobles there is a Relatives Support Service that benefits all bereaved families on the Isle of Man. 
Lea you are an amazing lady to