Kailo’s story


Kailo was not even one when his parents were told he needed a liver transplant. Here his Mum Cat tells his story:

“When we received Kailo’s call for his transplant we were filled with a both relief and dread. It’s a very confusing time as soon as the call comes we had to be prepared to fly. We had a suitcase all packed and prepared but it still comes a shock. Especially when I found I couldn’t take Jayden (Kailo’s 3 week old brother with us) because it was so stormy. I felt so upset leaving him but I knew Kailo needed me and that Jayden would follow over in a couple of days with his Nana. On the small plane it was lashing down with rain and so dark outside we had had the call at around 8pm and it was now 9pm. It was so dark and I stared over at Kailo. He didn’t look so worried. Joe (kailo’s Dad) could tell how worried I was. The next few hours were a blur of rushing and waiting. Kailo wasn’t taken down to theatre until 2am as they had to run a few tests on the new Liver to check it was suitable or transplant.

Joe and I walked him down to theatre and I kept my smile the whole way as I didn’t want to panic Kailo but I couldn’t help but cry when they put him under. I sobbed and didn’t think I would stop but I knew this was his only chance at life but I was worried in case it didn’t work. When we arrived back at the Liver unit the nurse said we could ask how the procedure was going at around 8am as they would know by then. I hardly slept and when I did wake finally it was 7.30 I waited until am to see what they had to say. The surgeons had took out his old liver and were preparing to put his new liver in.

By 10am he was in the ITU He looked so venerable all hooked up to ventilators etc. The nurses told Joe and I to get some fresh air as we’d been through a lot and we needed our rest for when he woke. They told us they would let us know when he woke. The next few days were filled with him being rather sleepy and in slight pain. As Joe and I celebrated new year I felt hopeful that the future was going to be right for Kailo. We also learnt over the next few days that his transplant had came from 3 year old girl… I was so shocked not many transplants usually come from children I felt sorrow for the donors family it was just after Christmas I couldn’t believe it. Here I was so happy that Kailo was responding well and there her family were breaking inside.

A week after his transplant Kailo was sitting up and Joe and I were getting taught about all his medication etc. I couldn’t believe how well he looked he was eating well and his jaundice was going.

Around 2 weeks after his transplant we were taking him home. We were so happy.

I look back at photos now and it all feels like a nightmare when he was so ill. He used to never sleep. He’d be up every 2-3 hours restless and hungry but too tired to eat.

He couldn’t gain weight apart from his massive stomach when his albumin levels were low… He couldn’t walk or crawl.

Now he has completely changed you wouldn’t even know he had had transplant apart from the scar on his tummy. He is such a character. We have wrote to the donor’s parents and sent photos. Her mother has since thanked us for them and wanted to use them in her campaign for more organ donors. Kailo is celebrating his 3rd birthday next month and Jayden is now 1 1/2 I cannot believe how well they get on.

It scares me to think that I may have only had one boy and not two. I will never be able to thank Kailo’s donor enough… They have gave me my little boy back”