Katie’s story

Katie Edge

“In December 2010 our lives changed forever when our beautiful daughter Katie died suddenly from a brain haemorrhage aged 27 at The Walton Centre in Liverpool.

During our darkest hours we made the decision to donate Katie’s organs so her death wouldn’t be totally in vain. She didn’t have a donor card and we’d never discussed it formally but we knew without doubt it was what she would have wanted.

Katie was a phlebotomist at Noble’s Hospital and also worked part time at The Cat with no Tail. She was thoughtful, funny, caring, a friend to many and always late for everything! At her funeral there were over 400 people with many having to stand, such was the love and respect people had for her.

Over the past 4 years we have kept in touch with the transplant team and received updates regarding the recipients, initially we were informed that 6 people had undergone successful life saving surgery, Katie’s heart valves have since been used in other patients which takes the total to 8, children and adults whose lives have been transformed.

We will never get over the loss of our daughter but have taken strength from knowing that she has continued to help people after her untimely death”