Lucas Martin

Our son, Lucas ‘Looky’ Martin was truly a force of nature. For 21 years he inspired his family and friends with his incredible drive, enthusiasm and generosity of spirit. He was a born leader and captained the KWC Rugby first XV and the Isle of Man junior football team. He ran on Duracell batteries, and the longstanding family joke was ‘be good to Looky – we’ll all work for him one day’!

Tragically, all of Lucas’s potential was stolen away by meningitis in September 2023 just as he was about to launch himself on an unsuspecting world!

Our acronym to describe Lucas is ‘LOADS’  – Loving, Optimistic, Ambitious, Determined and Selfless. As many of his friends will testify, he was the best of us, and we will honour and develop his legacy using this simple acronym so that he lives on in peoples hearts and minds for decades to come. If you can, visit ‘’ to find out more about the man and his positive impact on everyone he knew. You will also find information on the site about how to support meningitis research and/or how to register as an organ donor.

The ‘S’ in ‘LOADS’ stands for selfless, and Looky’s organ donation is a perfect example of this. He signed up to the organ donation register in his teens, and nagged his friends to do likewise. The result is that his liver and kidneys have given three very ill people the chance of a longer and better life. What greater selflessness could a young man show and what finer testimonial could there be to a wonderful son, brother and friend to many?

Brett & Nicola Martin